Letting Go

Posted: May 3, 2010 in emo mode, kwentong pamilya, Uncategorized
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There are times that we never want to let go of the  person we never want to leave us behind.. But letting  go,  doesn’t mean that we giving up the person. But rather it is a way of accepting that sometimes there are things that we cannot control most specially  if GOD want us to let it go.

“Manang we all know that you truly love Kuya, But maybe GOD want him now to be His side. Let Kuya be with Father GOD, I know it’s definitely hard for you to accept that Kuya is already left  us, But we have to accept that only GOD knows why this painful things happen to us. 

And to Kuya,  Be our angel  most specially to Manang take care of her even though you are now in the kingdom of GOD, Be her guide always. Cause I know deep inside of her heart you are always remain, as well as ours…We will going to miss you Kuya very much.” 😦  and may you find your peace with God that now you are with him.  R.I.P

  1. teentoinks says:

    Hi Ikay, this post reminds me of someone dear to me and died few years back. As what Bishop Soc said, part of loving is letting go. They are in good hands now.

    Be safe always!

  2. Dorm Boy says:

    Condolence sa pagkawala ng kuya mo… In God’s time all pains and sorrows will heal.

    Be strong! I know ur kuya is always there for you guiding you!

  3. sauravluk9 says:

    Hi Ikay…I just bumped in here and cried my heart out..it did remind me of my dad..God bless.

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